The Woskob Family Gallery is a space for contemporary arts and culture in downtown State College, PA.

Intern Spotlight: Erin Kelly

June 20, 2017

This week, Erin Kelly answers some questions about life as a Woskob Family Gallery intern.


What does a day in the life of a Woskob Family Gallery intern look like?

It depends – working on a small team allows everyone to have a role (be it major or minor) in almost everything that goes on. Some days are spent working on administrative aspects of Haley’s exhibition (Home Economics), and other days we set up for events or put together a model of the gallery. Outside of “gallery work” I have been able to help Haley with some first Friday events for the Improvement District’s July scavenger hunt (which has been awesome). Although I do spend time working on the same documents daily, my routine is never exactly the same!

What is your favorite part of your internship?

My favorite part of this internship is the variability of day to day activities. I’m constantly learning new things. I also love working with such a small group as it gives me the opportunity to develop closer relationships, take on more responsibility, and learn more about how Woskob works. Rather than work in a specific area with finite responsibilities, my role as an intern is flexible.

Why did you decide to intern at an art gallery?

I love the idea of working in a gallery, especially one with a mission similar to Woskob Family Gallery. Community plays a large part in that mission, which speaks to me on a personal level. I realized that in a small setting, exposure to different jobs in the gallery would be a given.

What is your favorite art work you’ve seen so far at the Woskob?

I LOVE David Cuatacuatl’s works that Haley will include in her exhibition Home Economics.

What do you study at Penn State?

I’m a rising senior studying Art History.


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